Words by Cher Dunn

California-based rock duo Deap Vally made major waves with their debut album Sistronix in 2013. Three years and a ton of touring later, Deap Vally just released their follow-up, FEMEJISM, a heavy, hard-hitting, hard-rocking, cheeky and inspiring piece of music and social commentary that needs to be heard.

FEMEJISM brings a bold, new sound for Deap Vally, with tracks that feature heavy, dirty guitars, hypnotic, powerful and anthemic drums, with gritty, bold vocals. As a music fan, I’m never looking for a band to create the same album or song over and over again, and I am loving the evolution of sound throughout FEMEJISM. No two songs are the same, but they all flow together perfectly with a lyrical theme showcasing the plight of women in the modern world.

Lyrically, the album comments on many issues women face everyday. Not meant to be necessarily considered a feminist album, Troy and Edwards are feminists and the female experience is similar across the board, feminist or not. These tracks are as powerful as they are cheeky. As a female rock duo, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards are continuously asked about being women in a male-dominated industry when men are usually never asked questions about being men in bands. This double standard women face in all aspects of life are well represented throughout the record.

FEMEJISM hits on issues no one should have to face that women face all the time. From having to tell a guy not to film you without your consent in “Two Seat Bike” the lyrics ‘It’s a crime/ It’s a crime/ It’s a crying shame’ are simple yet powerful. “Smile More” is an addictive song most women can relate to, with lyrics, “Everybody is trying to tell me what to do/ Stranger in the bar tells me to smile more/ I look at him and ask what for / I’m happily unhappy man”. In the track “Julian”, Edwards sweetly explains to the man in question that even if she wants to have a little fun, that doesn’t mean she owes him anything. The uplifting, anthemic “Gonnawanna” will have you singing at the top of your lungs, “I’m gonna do what I wanna”.

Produced by Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the album breathes the NY band’s influence in the best ways. Departing from Island Records and funding the entire album themselves, you can hear and feel the freedom Deap Vally had while creating the record, and it makes for one of our favorites this year.

Overall, we couldn’t be more excited for this new release from Deap Vally, the songs are bound to be electrifying live, so make sure you catch them on tour now in the UK and Europe, and in the US this fall.


Deap Vally
© September 16th, 2016



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