Words by Corinne Casella

Brooklyn’s Evolfo bring their swagger and mix of psychedelic garage, punk sensibility and glimmery bits of soul to their new EP, Last of the Acid Cowboys. Marrying the crunchy riffs of White Denim, the dark psychedelia of the Black Lips and the seditious energy of King Khan and the Shrines, Evolfo creates a resonant weirdness all their own. Coming off an impressive festival rotation, including SXSW and Caravan Music Festival, the seven piece outfit builds Cowboy to stand alone from their live work, ‘building the energy from the ground up.’

From the first track, “Moon Eclipsed the Sun”, Evolfo hits with a wave of distortion and western acidity, for a textured narrative that grips hard and refuses to let go. Signature members, singer and guitarist Matt Gibbs and Rafferty Swink on keys and vocals, set out to create a gritty, blown-out album with a homegrown feel. In keeping with the theme, the EP was cut partly ‘under the tracks of the J train’ in Bushwick at Black Lodge Recording Studios, using a home studio eight track tape machine. A nomenclature for Allston, MA, “Rat City” plays like a frenzied homage to the band’s roots. It’s a proto-punk twister, undercut with piercing horns and a matching primitive frivolity. Whereas, “Don’t Give Up Your Soul”, is a reverb-drenched medley paired with melancholic lyrics that pulls you with the violence of an undertow current.

“Bloody Bloody Knife” is an aphotic firestorm with a vintage warble, packing a booze-soaked punch. Title track, “Last of the Acid Cowboys” rounds out the EP, showcasing the band’s brassy funk chops, for an epic explosion, reminiscent of early Stooges; primal, raw, with a healthy bit of filth.

Playing off the dark and inscrutable vibe of the band, graphic artist Reuben Sawyer, created the cover art for the album. “I had seen some examples of Reuben’s work on other artists’ albums and I just thought it was perfect,” stated Gibbs. “It’s really dark and adventurous with a hint of fantasy. It also leaves a lot to the imagination, which we loved. We don’t like being too obvious with people – we prefer to get a few interpretations.”

This marks the first of two release installments from Evolfo, called ‘Golden Curses.’ Look for a full album drop in 2017 from King Pizza Records, and check out Last of the Acid Cowboys in its entirety September 16.

Hey New York! Check out Evolfo’s album release party in Bushwick tonight, September 15th too!


‘Last of the Acid Cowboys’
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