‘Up, Up, And Away’:

Daniel Shultz Talks House Parties, Tour Antics, and Life-Changing Recording Sessions

Words by Audra Tracy

Photo Credit: Citizen Kane Wayne

Dan Luke & The Raid are rounding the corner to rock stardom, one killer song at a time. The five piece from Bowling Green, KY, featuring Daniel Shultz, Kendrick Brent, Dylan Graves, Patrick Stewart, and Anthony Joiner, have been stirring things up with two recent singles from their upcoming debut EP, Be Good.

Front man Shultz – little brother of Brad and Matt from Cage The Elephant – doesn’t seem to need any help from his Grammy-winning siblings so far: these songs are a pretty solid debut on their own. Judging by the strength and diversity the tunes “Black Cat Heavy Metal” and “Golden Age”, this new EP is poised to repeatedly please your eardrums.

The band is currently on tour with The Weeks (hitting Music Hall of Williamsburg on October 15) before heading out with The Soft White Sixties for a string of dates through November.

Shultz, aka Dan Luke, reports from the road, telling us tales of life-changing recording sessions, epic house parties, and ‘sleeping on top of Walmart’…

Digging the new songs! Tell us about your upcoming EP, Be Good. What was the vibe like while recording? When can we expect an official release?

Dan Luke: Very intense at some points. We were really cutting our teeth in the studio then. We had recorded with friends before, but this was a totally different experience. It was life changing for us. We’re not sure about a release date yet, but it shouldn’t be too long.

You got started by playing basements and bars in your hometown of Bowling Green. How do you think that environment helped to influence your sound?

DL: Yeah we did haha. Kendrick and I were in a band before this and I remember some of the shows we played in that band were total chaos. There was one time we were playing a house show in our friend’s upstairs bedroom that had a door that was connected to the roof. It was insane. There was throw up and dog shit on the floor, and a human sized hole in the wall. Also, Kendrick fell off the roof and the floor almost caved in. That grittiness had such an impact on us. We knew it was gross, we knew it was dangerous, but we didn’t want it to stop. I’m sure it affected our sound seeing all the bands come through, but it really changed our attitude in the way we saw music. It just felt so real.

Your music would sound great on vinyl. Are there any plans to release your tunes on wax?

DL: We would so love to. We all love that vinyl sound. Hopefully we can make it work with the EP, but if not definitely in the future.

How is tour going? Has anything surprised you, so far, on the road?

DL: Touring has been great! We’re actually headed to our first show with The Weeks in Teaneck, NJ right now. We’ve been surprised by almost everything haha. From the crowds to sleeping on top of Walmarts, to getting our shit stolen and then getting it back from the guy that stole it. Lots has happened for sure.

Psyched to see you guys are coming Brooklyn! What can New Yorkers expect from your show at Music Hall of Williamsburg this October 15?

DL: High energy. Honestly other than that, we don’t really know what to expect. Every show is different, but the one constant is the energy level. But yeah we’re stoked to play Brooklyn. Our last New York show was an experience we’ll never forget so we’re ready to get back.

If you had to compare your live shows to an action movie, what would it be, and why?

DL: Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie


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