Wandering Into New York City:
5 minutes with the Tumbleweed Wanderers

Words by Martin HaloNew York City

It’s soul music. Reverb long drenched in the heart of the American West. For the Tumbleweed Wanderers their sound stems from the rebellious nature of rock n roll in a manner of comfort charm. Mountain melodies play in the dirt with slop slides and backwoods bravado. Natives of Oakland, California the band is scheduled to meet New York audiences at Sullivan Hall on February 17 in support of their debut album, So Long.

Banjo tickler, Rob Fidel, speaks about the first time the band traveled to New York City. “This will be our second time,” he says. “We were on tour with Angus Stone and we played a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom. It was so much fun. We actually ended up partying at a famous musician’s house but I’m not allowed to say who,” he teases with laughter.

The character and grit of the roads leading into the tunnels of Manhattan are not lost on Fidel, whose home in Oakland has been a common Bay Area refuge for the rising musician community. “We’ve had some interesting experiences in Oakland. Since our band was established we’ve had 2k in cash stolen, Pat [Glynn] has been robbed at gunpoint, Daniel’s drum kit was stolen and our tour van was stolen.”

But with their musical influences stemming from the bedrock of America’s core foundation, the stories and adventures of disaster come with the territory. It is that inherit struggle that shapes the S in soul. The paths are winding, and the roads are sometimes never clear but in the end — it is the journey which resonates in the heart of the muse. So put down the American Idol, and experience the revival. “I would bring back Beethoven and make him a judge on American Idol,” answers Fidel. “Even he has a better ear for music than Nicki Minaj!”

“If you need affirmation that rock n’ roll will never die,” he concludes, “get a dose of modern medicine and look at the Rolling Stones.”

The Tumbleweed Wanderers will be at Sullivan Hall in NYC on Feb 17. Tickets are on sale now!