Words by Audra Tracy

When Demon Days dropped in 2005, former Blur frontman and Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn proved that his grunge roots were just the prologue to a long, eclectic career. Even as an animated ape, he’s still accomplished what few 90’s alternative acts could dream about.

DD secured him a pass to work with just about anyone, from Danger Mouse to Dennis Hopper to Paul Simonon of The Clash. And now on Plastic Beach, Albarn furthers his reach with guest spots by Bobby Womack, Lou Reed, and De La Soul.

A sensory overload of swirling melodies and carefully choreographed samples, Gorillaz songs have a tendency to totally blow your mind. The title track on Plastic Beach does just that, washing over you with a variety of cascading layers of sound. A social commentary on our synthetic culture, songs about ‘plastic eating people’ dominate the record, like when ‘Rhinestone Eyes’ see that ‘nature’s corrupted in factories far away’.

I’ve always loved how Albarn basically reinvented himself as a cartoon DJ with Gorillaz, and can continue to please audiences around the world.

Blur fans, as well as new audiences from both the hip-hop and electronic persuasion can find a comfortable spot on Plastic Beach.

“Plastic Beach”
Virgin Records
© March 9th, 2010



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