Words by Sean Walsh

Someone recently said to me that rock n’ roll was dead…it’s a scary thought to even contemplate, but because of all the damn corporate marketing demons, good old fashioned rock music and essentially anything non “EDM”, is losing traction. The majority of crowds do not want to think anymore, so the bleeps and blips and low intelligence party music thing works, but there is more to see out there…there are so many bands playing really well-crafted music, and they should be getting more credit than Megan Trainor (who by the way was nominated for a Grammy…You’ve got to be kidding me).

I am not into the Grammy’s, but what I am looking forward to is hearing some new music from Brooklyn based project Ferrari Truck, especially after just listening to two of their latest tracks, “Evacuate the City” and “Zombies”.

“Evacuate the City” has got this old-school organic vibe, like if The Doors collided with the guys in Grizzly Bear and Beck in some crazy realm of the space-time continuum, and had a jam session in the middle of the desert. After coming out of the Whisky-A-Go-Go the other night for a Wild Child (Doors cover band) performance, this song just seemed to resonate with me and provide a perfect backdrop for driving away down Sunset Blvd. as I evacuated the pull and draw of the original home of rock n’ roll.

“Zombies” on the other hand, has got a different feel. Still organically rich with home-grown bass lines and guitar riffs, this one’s got more of a back-door-bluesy cabaret atmosphere, and the vocals are more heavily accompanied by the sensual whirl of the female voice this time around. It jams and flows particularly groovy swells around driving bass lines we are accustomed to hearing from the likes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Need we say more? Yeah, we’re excited for what’s next from this promising group of talented artists.

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