Words and Photos by Marco Denzer

A Fragile Tomorrow, the Charleston, SC based indie/rock quartet wrapped up the second of a two-night stop in New York City with an absolutely riveting late night performance at The Way Station in Brooklyn.

The band, featuring Sean Kelly (vocals, guitar), Brendan Kelly (guitars, vocals), Shaun Rhoades (bass, vocals), and Josh Kean (drums), wasted no time in getting down to business and capturing everyone’s attention with an excellent set of tunes that clearly defines their talent and musical abilities.

The great quality of their songs, selected in its majority from their most recent release “Generation Loss” on MPress Records, and the high energy of their performance make it clear these musicians have carved their own sound through hard work and commitment to the craft.

The night’s setlist included excellent versions of “Generation Loss”, “How Do You Dance to It?” “Circling”, and an extremely good cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” for a touch of humor.

Visit afragiletomorrow.com for more information about the band.

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