Words by Patrick Lacey | Photos by Mark Dershowitz

When you hear the names ‘Claypool and Lennon’, it’s hard not to think about Primus and The Beatles. Even if it is Sean Lennon being mentioned, it’s just what comes to mind. So, when a band is formed with those names and is called the “Delirium”, how can one not be intrigued?

The Claypool Lennon Delirium’s sound is exactly what you would expect from a band with that name – psychedelic rock with storybook lyrics and, of course, that “Claypool Bass” sound that most fans can recognize instantly.

The Delirium came to Brooklyn this past Tuesday in support of the new album, South of Reality. The band took the stage and wasted no time jumping right into the album’s opening track, “Little Fishes”. The set had a mix of material mostly from the new album, as well as older stuff like “Cricket and the Genie (Movements I and II)” and “Breath of a Salesman”.

The new material was obviously the focus of the set, and it did not disappoint. Songs like “Easily Charmed by Fools” and “Amethyst Realm” really translate well when played live. “Toad Man’s Hour” was performed for only the second time live – “We are going to play it til we fuck it up,” said Claypool.

One thing that be must mentioned, Sean Lennon is such an underrated guitar player. It takes a lot to play in a band with Les Claypool and he held his own with ease, almost like he was born and raised to do so.

“We are going for a mediocre show tonight. Tonight feels like a mediocre night”, Les told the Brooklyn crowd. “I told you, you should have eaten all the mescaline, Les”, replied Sean as the crowd laughed. “Comedy is like the sprinkles to this musical cupcake,” Les added, as he and Sean bantered on stage throughout their set.

Good times were being had by all. So throw in some choice covers like “Astronomy Domine”(Pink Floyd), “The Court of King Crimson”(King Crimson), “Tomorrow Never Knows”(The Beatles) and “Southbound Pachyderm”(Primus) and you have one hell of a show.

Collaborations like this can be few and far in between. A lot of the time it doesn’t even work past a song or two, but with this duo of musical jokers, it comes together wonderfully to the delight of anyone lucky enough to witness it. Hopefully the jokes keep coming between these two, and they keep sprinkling them on this delicious musical cupcake they have baked together. I highly recommend checking them out while you can. With sprinkles…

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