Words & Photos by Rod Snyder

JJ Grey & MOFRO brought their funky, blues and soul sound to The Union Transfer in Philadelphia last night. With the tour 6 weeks underway, Grey was happy to be in the city for a change of weather and the delicious cheesesteaks that Philly is famous for. He was also there to entertain the concert goers in attendance this evening.

Songs from their entire catalog made the setlist, including hits like ’99 Shades of Crazy’, ‘Lochloosa’, ‘Ho Cake’, ‘On Fire’, and many more. JJ is a storyteller and told numerous tales, mostly about his upbringing and his grandmother – a lot of his songs reflect on this combination, and Grey tells these stories in a very sincere way, that you feel like you can relate to them.

The band was in exceptional form this evening a well. From the stick, shattering percussion of Craig Barnette, to the sweet bass lines provided by Todd Smallie, to the electric sounds made by guitarist Zach Gilbert. It was a really well-rounded performance that lasted over 2 hours, to the crowd’s delight.

The band is on tour until August of this year, so there’s plenty of time to experience JJ Grey & MOFRO live for yourself!

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