Words by Brittany Norvell

Knoxville, TN buzzed and swayed with excitement Sunday, October 21st, as MUTEMATH hit up the Bijou Theatre for the last leg of their Odd Soul Tour. Founded over one hundred years ago, the 1,000 seat venue is a landmark of downtown Knoxville, and well known for its outstanding acoustics and aesthetics. MUTEMATH, along the opening act Civil Twilight, took full advantage of the intimate setting and amazing sound, allowing the audience an up close and personal experience.


MUTEMATH showed off their New Orleans roots by starting their set in complete parade style, walking down the aisle pounding their percussion instruments. Approaching the stage, the drummer then grabbed a roll of tape, securing his earphones to his head. He was, after all, an absolute ANIMAL on the drums!!!! JESUS the sound! At one point he could be seen using two drumsticks on the high-hat and one on the snare at the same time!

The audience took a stand as soon as the band made their way to the stage. Camera phones were ablaze – as were head-bangs and hair-flips – as the music pulsed through the building. Audience participation was at an absolute premium this fine evening.

In between several tunes from their latest album, Odd Soul, lead singer/piano/organist Paul Meany thanked the crowd for their energy and good will. Tracks like ‘Blood Pressure’ and ‘Prytania’ made the cut before the band proceeded with songs from 2007’s Grammy nominated self-titled album. While each and every song of the electro-rockers’ catalog varied in its complexity, it didn’t diminish the tempo or the overflowing excitement of their fans.

A special thanks to AC Entertainment and the Bijou for bringing such an amazing visual and auditory treat to our corner of Tennessee. MUTEMATH’s progressive thunder-beat sound was a fitting complement to the perfect Southern fall evening.


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