Words by Steve Melone

You might think Of Mice & Men is another metalcore band past their prime, like so many whose voices fade after years of wear and tear, but you’d be wrong. Even after the lineup changes and drama off stage that’s surrounded Austin Carlile and OM&M since their 2010 debut, they still show up and put on a show full of energy that fans old and new can appreciate.

After opener, Young Guns, finished their set, bassist/vocalist, Aaron Pauley and drummer, Valentino Arteaga took to the stage and played in unison, with a certain silence accompanying their sound. Guitarists, Alan Ashby and Phil Manansala came next adding their touches until Austin Carlile joined the band with a massive applause and welcome from the hungry crowd.

Carlile was decked in black from head to toe, with a jacket and hat covering as much of himself as he could until the cameras went away. He sported a boot on his left foot as well, an injury likely related to his disease, Marfan syndrome, which affects joints, muscles and connective tissue. It didn’t keep him from moving throughout the night though, as he bounced between different risers and threw his arms up to get the crowd moving as much as himself.

The show was an East Coast celebration for Of Mice & Men’s newest album, Cold World, released on September 9. The band went right through the entire album in exact order, playing songs like “Real,” and “Pain,” that have had more playtime building up to the album’s release.

You could tell the band was ecstatic to be in New York City for the first time in support of the new album, “We are Of Mice and Men and this is our new album, Cold World, are we enjoying it so far?”

The audience didn’t stay still the entire show, constantly crowd surfing and moving toward the stage. Security at Gramercy definitely earned their pay, continually grabbing surfers and bringing them down, over and over again.

“This is only the second time we’ve played these songs live. Once at home in California and here in New York,” Carlile admitted. He smiled and thanked the crowd as he played the last song of the set, “Thank you so much or being here tonight.”

After the group left the stage, the crowd chanted, “One more song!” for a solid minute before the band returned and played their biggest song, “Second & Sebring,” before calling it a night. They graced the stage for just under an hour before leaving.

It was a quick, energetic and extremely well-mixed show that had fans excited. Though the band played almost entirely new music, it was well executed and written, unsurprisingly. Cold World is out now, grab a copy!

Game of War
The Lie
Like a Ghost

The Hunger
Down the Road
Second & Sebring


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