Words + Photos by Steve Melone

At eleven o’clock Friday night, men and women dressed in astronaut suits took their places at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Standing still until STRFKR joined them on stage. No introductions or hellos. The music started suddenly, “Atlantis” began. The crowd lost it as the astronauts broke their rigid stances, dancing on stage between and up against band members in complete excitement.

STRFKR hadn’t been in NYC for at least a year, beginning a two-night run starting in Williamsburg, and ending at Webster Hall the following night. A likely reason for the return was the release of Being No One, Going Nowhere, the band’s fourth studio album, and follow-up to 2013’s, Miracle Mile.

The show went by quickly, as the group ripped through songs with few words in between them. Frontman Josh Hodges was dressed for the occasion, strutting out on stage donning a blue sequin dress, long blonde wig, and large masking glasses. Drummer/keyboardist/vocalist, Keil Corcoran switched roles with Hodges at one point, trading off his sticks to take center stage for a few songs, quickly asking, “What up Brooklyn?”

The lights shot out in all directions as he sang, “German Love,” an old STRFKR song from the first self-titled release, back when the band was known more bluntly as “Starfucker.” Keil and Josh, switched back to their respective positions shortly after, and Josh made sure to pull his dress down to a respectable length before continuing the show.

A cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” came on towards the end of the set, inspiring the lady astronauts to rip their suits off, revealing more slimming attire to dance along with the song. The band finished the set with “Millions,” and “Leave It All Behind,” before walking off stage. The lights dimmed down and lectures from the band’s favorite philosopher, Alan Watts, rang through the speakers as the crowd chanted, “One more song! One more song!”

The four members returned for the encore, and bassist Shawn Glassford made a disclaimer before the next song, “This next one’s a request. We don’t play this one to often.” After a short silence the electronic synthesizer screamed out, and “Golden Light,” started.

Overall, the songs were performed superbly, maintaining a high energy throughout the show, which isn’t always easy when touring with a new band member. Towards the end, one of the astronauts went crowd surfing, and confetti shot into the crowd as the music kept playing. STRFKR finished out with, “Julius,” and “While I’m Alive,” before calling it a night. Josh Hodges kindly thanked the crowd; “Thanks so much, we’ll be in the back so you can come say hi!”

Catch STRFKR while they’re on the east coast, now through February!

Mystery Cloud
Tape Machine
Isabella of Castile
Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second
German Love
Hard Smart Beta
Pop Song
Bury Us Alive
Something Ain’t Right
Open Your Eyes
Never Ever
In the End
Quality Time
Boy Toy
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Leave it All Behind
Golden Light
While I’m Alive


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