Words by Lauren Sorce

On the cusp of darkness as the late evenings fall, there is something so raw about the unadulterated quiet and peace. That suddenly becomes harmoniously interrupted by the mystique of Alt-J, a band that drifts explosively into our atmosphere with their new album, This Is All Yours. A new, tranquil and divine sound by English indie rock group provides the long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s ground-breaking debut An Awesome Wave.

Joe Newman (guitar/lead vocals), Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards/vocals) and Thom Green (drums) have created a track list of songs that ultimately becomes all ours, as we are lulled into a beautiful escape.

The native lads of Leeds kick off their album with a song called ‘Intro’, an ominously entrancing tune with subtle chants muted in the background, creating a magnetic mystic vibe. ‘Nara’ feels as though you have entered a new realm of powerful and spiritual enchantment, as the organ sounds subtly in the distance, and the chimes whistle proudly.

The entirety of the album resembles a sense of a spiritual journey, in finding peace of both body and soul. A good example of that can be found in ‘Arrival in Nara’, where you can easily find yourself getting lost in the weightlessness of the vocals, and serenity of muted instruments.

There is no doubt as to why this album went straight to number 1 in the UK shortly after its release date on September 22nd of this year. Especially with a track like ‘Choice Kingdom’, the idealistic safe haven, with instrumentals as powerful as the skies before a storm, and vocals like the fierce gusts of wind that whimsically rushing through.

For their second album, Alt-J have already managed to take all listeners by storm, as they key in to songs like ‘Pusher’ and ‘Bloodflood Pt. II’, which both contain the element of intimacy, and grow with intensity and ferocity. All in all a delicate, and peaceful album, that hopefully you soon will be able to adopt as “All Yours”.

“This Is All Yours”
© September 23rd, 2014



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