Words by Lauren Sorce

These days, almost everything new and notable comes out of Los Angeles, including my current obsession, Bay Ledges. Brother and sister duo from LA, Zach and Georgina Hurd, are currently creating tides after the recent release of Fountain Tropical, an EP as fresh as the tropics.

After an awesome response on their first EP that debuted back in March, funnily enough called, “The EP”, the pair were nominated for the Independent Music Award for Best Song in the category for Pop, for the song “Off U”. Although they did not win, they’ve continued to release a caliber of music we can probably expect to see in this year’s awards ceremonies.

This EP, Fountain Tropical, is appropriately named, as it is, what I feel to be, more or less the fruit punch of the music world. Every track is sweet and fresh, and yet packs a playful punch with its synth vibes and bumping bass lines. “Straight Jacket”, encapsulates exactly what I mean, as this track is fun, catchy and yet still contains the perfect ratio of vocals to synth accompaniment. “June” and “In Your Head” both effectively represent the past summer, as they each contain a lively sound you’d expect from LA, while also maintaining a cool indie vibe, that resembles the work of St. Lucia.

Bay Ledges’ single on the EP, “Safe” plays it anything but safe, with heavier loads of synthesizer sounds, and a bouncy bass undertone. The last track on the EP is “Perfect”, and quite literally describes my feelings about the entirety of the album, as Georgina Hurd’s twangy LA vocals perfectly seem to meld with chilled beat in the background.

I’m not sure if you Hurd, but if you haven’t checked out Bay Ledges new EP, Fountain Tropical, you absolutely should.

Bay Ledges
‘Fountain Tropical’
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