Words by Steve Melone

If it were the 70’s, a lot of people would probably call this EP ‘groovy’. Instead, let’s just say it’s a fantastic alternative rock teaser that should make you excited for the next full length album from former Greenhorne and Soledad Brother, Brian Olive.

Olive’s new EP, Move, mixes multiple genres. Blues, funk, psychedelic rock and even hints of jazz are present at times. The title track makes a great first impression, using saxophone and an absolutely psychedelic-funk sound to invite anyone with ears to listen. Olive’s use of multiple instruments is often subtle and even subdued to just the right amount, like with the tune “Subversion,” which shows a great mixture of piano and guitar that bleeds soul.

“Kicking the Dirt,” has the most range out of any song, going from a soulful, bluesy vibe to a psychedelic-rock sound. The guitar is excellent as well, following the song’s direction in just the right way without being overbearing.

Olive co-produced his previous release, Two of Everything, with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, and throughout this EP you can hear the impression he made as Olive belts out his clever lyrics with a transformative gusto that you can’t ignore.

“Love We Are,” is the last track, leaving listeners with a slow-paced and smoothly calm sound. His vocals are remarkably soulful and vintage, showing listeners that artists can still put out true, honest music that makes you feel something.

If you’re looking for something new to get into, check out Move, for a combination of songs and sounds that will give listeners a delicious alternative rock taste well worth the bite.

Brian Olive
“Move” EP
Alive Naturalsound
© July 7th, 2014



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