Words by Lauren Sorce

Good news, if you were on the hunt for yet another awesome British band, let the search be over, because indie-rockers Catfish and The Bottlemen have recently torpedoed into our North American atmosphere. These young lads have already gained much success across Europe with their newest album, The Balcony, which has been growing exponentially since the its UK release date back in June of 2014.

Kicking off their debut album with a bang, their first major hit “Kathleen” became an instant success. It has the undertone of work you’d expect from Britain’s finest, the Arctic Monkeys, combined with subtle hints of the cool-vibe you’d find in Cage the Elephant’s work. Honestly without any exaggeration, this song will leave you gob-smacked, as Van McCann’s vocal range and ferocity in his voice will have you pressing that replay button until your fingers bleed. It’s catchy yet edgy, like another powerful vocal performance in “Homesick”, where it starts off slow and gradually builds with its pulsing drum beats and guitar-shredding.

Personally, I find the most unforgettable aspect of this group lies within their nostalgic resemblance to 90’s alternative-rock band, The Strokes. All tracks on this album especially, “Pacifier”, have this passively jovial aura that resonates with its listeners. This song in particular has a very subtle feel-good vibe, paired with the tremendous roaring of the drums in the background.

In opposition to most of the album’s tracks, “Cocoon” is one of their quieter works, yet still contains the element of being engaging. Perfect for the late afternoon, where you’re more aware of the depth that lies within the complexity of the lyrics.

All in all a very interesting up and coming group, with a solid debut album that has already gained radical popularity in a very short time period. Catfish and The Bottlemen plan to tour the US in the spring of this year – and if I were you, I wouldn’t want to miss this.

Catfish and the Bottlemen
“The Balcony”
Communion Records
© January 6th, 2015



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