Words by Nadia Dar

If you were looking for the perfect record to symbolize your long lost childhood adventures, this would be it. Jam-packed with nostalgia and beachy vibes, Cayucas’ recent release, Dancing at the Blue Lagoon has proved as a worthy sequel to the band’s previous musical voyages.

Although we still hear the same chill surfer hum in Zachary Yudin’s voice, it’s no doubt that the overall sound of the record has become a lot more unified in comparison to 2013’s Bigfoot. It instead seems to revolve around a specific theme – suburban California. From the beginning playful melodies of “Big Winter Jacket” to the last melancholy murmur of “Blue Lagoon (Theme Song)”, this album tells a whimsical story.

One exceptionally great thing about the record is how it manages to bring so many elements to a seemingly simple idea. The first thing that comes to mind is the feeling of almost childlike purity that can be heard throughout “Big Winter Jacket” and “Moony Eyed Walrus”. It’s as if you’re 10 years old again, hunting for frogs by the stream with your best friends.

Dancing at the Blue Lagoon also perfectly represents the feeling of a teenage summer in Cali. With songs such as “Champion” and the increasingly catchy “Hella” you can practically hear the sunshine pouring out. Plus, they introduce a fresh Calypso twist that is reiterated many times throughout the record, which overall makes it much more fun.

So for those of us who have missed our chance to grow up on the West coast, consider Dancing in the Blue Lagoon as a sweet consolation prize. Complete with laid-back melodies, and a breezy summertime atmosphere, Cayucas manage to bring nostalgia to a place we’ve never even been before.

‘Dancing at the Blue Lagoon’
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© June 23rd, 2015



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