Words by Russell Carstens

Dusk Of Punk is the debut EP of the Los Angeles band Goon. The brainchild of Kenny Becker (also a visual artist), Goon plays a delightfully-depressed, overcast style of rock.

Sounding as if it were recorded in a prehistoric cave, “Dizzy” is a slow burn of psychedelic blues/garage with longing vocals. Enhanced by the lo-fi production, deciphering this song is like fighting to see through mist on a morning commute that is just too early. The slacker melodies of “Green Peppers” are carried by cheap Casio keyboard drums. Its effortlessly spaced-out conclusion brings to mind the garbage-disposal psychedelia of Beck’s early albums.

“Gay Rage” is a warts-and-all anthem, while “Merchant Hall” is an outburst of blood-curdling screams that give Black Francis’ shrieks on early Pixies records a run for their money. “Slab Roller” is the EP’s highlight, a gorgeous Sunday morning wake-n-bake stoner anthem. “Scab” brings the EP to a close with a fittingly drum-less twilght. Transistor radio static acts as stars twinkling in the pink sky.

Whatever it is that has Becker and his goons so glum, let’s hope it doesn’t go away—their  confused state of mind makes for very interesting music.


‘Dusk of Punk’
© September 16th, 2016



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