Words by Brittany Norvell

Abundant with indie rock anthems, Hey Rosetta!’s fourth studio album, Second Sight, is a spiritual journey from start to finish.

Lead by singer/song writer Tim Baker, the Canadian orchestra pop group employs a wide range of instruments, from acoustic guitar to cello, to make their mystic sound for Second Sight. The seven piece band began recording in Montreal during the summer of 2013 with producer Marcus Paquin, who’s worked with the likes of Arcade Fire and The National.

The album begins with “Soft Offering (For the Oft Suffering)”, which offers up Tim Baker’s lofty voice (think a young Chris Martin, only not British) with organs, horns, and rhythmic drumming. Baker stated that was his first attempt at, “blindly grouping his way through the demo process.” Reworked for the album with the help of his fellow band members, I’d call this opening number a grand triumph at, “celebrating the night.”

“Gold Teeth” re-imagines a famous Newfoundland song about leaving in search of new people and places, only this time the search is reversed with longing for home all while sounding like something The Police would have put out circa their Synchronicity era. Another “hit” for Second Sight is “Dream”, a song for anyone with their head in the clouds; the melody changes as much as dreams differ from their airy birth to the harsh reality of waking up. You get a sense the tune sets out to inspire, and to “teach the dreamers how to dream.”

This special, eclectic collection of songs feels like a warm summer evening – and it will be the perfect album to listen to while lying in on the beach at night watching the stars, bonfire by your side, and microbrew in hand.

Hey Rosetta!
“Second Sight”
Sonic Records
© January 27th, 2015



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