Words by Brielle Cotelo

For a band originating from Chattanooga, TN, this quartet could not have steered further from its hometown’s roots in Country music. Instead, Brian Sylvester, Cain Lassiter, JJ Clark, and Ivan Garcia decided to go the road less traveled and form an electro-pop group comparable to the likes of Passion Pit. Quickly gaining fans since their formation in 2010, they have been making appearances at Bonnaroo and even Lollapalooza. And on July 23rd, MRP2 released their sophomore EP Nickels & Dimes.

Featuring six catchy songs, the EP finds the band exploring a unique sound that blends live instruments with electronic tracks. Nickels & Dimes starts off with ‘Get Up’, an 80s-inspired tune complemented by a children’s choir chanting the catchy chorus “Get up, Get up, GO!” – and the song’s energy makes you want to do just that. The spirit that is shared by both the young group themselves and the children radiates from the speakers and is a perfect gateway into the good vibes you can expect throughout the EP.

Lyrically, they are sure to inspire anyone within earshot, especially on tracks like ‘I’m Alright’ and ‘Do What You Love’. Because if there’s one thing that ties everything together on this release, it’s sheer positivity. MRP2’s message is loud and clear: live life how you want. And when a band can not only entertain you with their music but also uplift you with their message, they start to stand out in a synth-pop scene that’s quickly becoming over-crowded. MRP2 makes the sound their own, and do it with ease.

Machines Are People Too
“Nickels & Dimes”
© July 23rd, 2013



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