Words by Lauren Sorce

If you’re into indie, rock, alternative or any combination of the three, I’ve got you covered. Meet Maybird, the quintet from Rochester that just released a hot new five-track EP, Turning Into Water, on Danger Mouse’s imprint, 30th Century Records.

The band, led by founding member Josh Netsky (guitars/vocals) has composed this recording that quite honestly sounds like the musical lovechild of Tame Impala and Oasis. With that being said, this EP is the perfect combination of folky-psychedelicism and alternative rock.

The title track, “Turning Into Water”, has a playfully psychotropic-rock vibe, accented with the just the right amount of synth accompaniment. “Nocturne”, also has a considerable amount of the same elements, but is a bit slower throughout. Similarly, “Big Sun Explosion” and “Looking Back” are undeniably the slower songs of the recording, however they are also an absolute must-have on your “chill out” playlist. The final track, “Maybird” seems like a self-tribute to the band’s personal growth, wrapped up in this kaleidoscopic wrapping paper, and topped with a notably intricate alt-rock bow.

The entirety of this EP is nothing short of refreshing and relaxing. Check out the video for the single “Turning Into Water” below…

“Turning Into Water”
Sony/ 30th Century Sounds
© April 29th, 2016



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