Words by Nick Hodgins

Mike Comite of the Brooklyn based rockers in Old Best Friend is “pretty sure that he’ll be alright,” at least that’s what he claims on the second track of their debut album Living Alone, which is set to be released independently on June 30th, 2015. The 20-something year old had previously performed alongside YouTube celeb Julia Nunes onstage at Bonnaroo and Conan, but ultimately left it behind to pursue his own musical career.

In 2011 Comite wrote and assembled a five song EP titled Keep in Touch, which he played every instrument on, save for drums. A year later, after officially parting ways with Nunes, he would go on to establish a name for himself in the NYC circuit through passionate solo performances.

In 2014, still lacking a full band, Comite met up with producer and engineer Steve Sopchak at Square Studios in Syracuse, NY and tracked the 11 songs that would become Living Alone.

The album starts off slow and simple with nothing but Comite’s raw vocals starting the first track, “Cold Came With.” His vocals are followed by a single explosive crunchy guitar chord, paired with a feedback buzz allowed to ring just long enough to make you uneasy, before kicking into the up tempo pace of the track.

Much like the intro track, Comite likes to keep his listeners on their toes when it comes to Living Alone. The record’s single “King of Nowhere” is held down by a catchy riff which mimics the vocal pattern as he sings of second-guessing and justification of hard decisions. Comite sings, “And I’ll never learn forgiveness, cuz I could never live without, and I will neither hold my grudges, and spend my life consumed by doubt. Do you see what’s killing me may actually keep me alive?”

Tracks like “White Picket Fences” and “Divide Your Sleep” are more mellow tracks that are sure to have you swaying back and forth to groovy drum beats before punching you in the gut with a powerful chorus or solo. Comite stretches the limits of his voice from the gentle crooning in “Pretty Sure” to the all-out screams that bring “Cold Came With” to a close.

All in all, Living Alone is a series of ups and downs both lyrically and instrumentally. Comite has since found a band in NYC musicians Matt Sokol (Drums) and Eric Thorfinnson (guitar) and the indie-rockers are scheduled to come through NYC Arlene’s Grocery in support of the new record on July 9, 2015.

Old Best Friend
“Living Alone”
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