Words by Lauren Sorce

Fall is finally here guys, and you know what that means – cooler weather and of course the seasonally appropriate pumpkin spice latte. The only thing missing? A pop of color perhaps. Luckily Royal Canoe, the Canadian indie-pop group has your hookup with their recently released sophomore album, Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit.

On September 16, the guys, Matthew Peters, Bucky Driedger, Matthew Schellenberg, Derek Allard, Michael Jordan, and Brendan Berg, released the LP with the help of distinguished record producer, Ben Allen (Bombay Bicycle Club, Deerhunter, Animal Collective). And let me be the first to say, this album is like nothing you’ve heard. Their music simulates a harmonious balance between unusual and addictive.

After the success of their debut album, Today We’re Believers, released back in 2013, listeners have been anticipating this release with the bar set high. And once again, they’ve killed it. Their single, “Somersault” is a toe-tapping, intricate spin on a sound that resembles that of late 90’s and early 2000’s hip hop tracks. Nevertheless, the song is catchy, colorful, clever and certainly playful.

The entirety of the album has a prominent use of the synthesizer, which seems to compliment their unique vocal ranges, and adds to their stylishly retro allure. Speaking of retro, “Living A Lie” is a quintessential psychedelic staple of the album, hinted with accents from the 70’s and 80’s, but with a more modern twist. Similarly, “Love You Like That” is very psychedelic and cosmic, but contributes edgy vocals, that make it feel almost futuristic. Personally, I genuinely enjoyed listening to each track, because the quality of the composition and the ranging genres that are subtly introduced in the background, makes their sound so original.

Expanding the scope of a definite genre, this album introduces intricate sounds as well as simple, exemplified in their track, “Out of The Beehive”. This song is simple and allows your mind to float upstream, while simultaneously experiencing a sense of playfulness and adventure. And, just when you thought the introduction of new musical styles was over, “How Long Is Your Life” shocks and engages you, one last time. This track is contemporary, almost R&B and interestingly combines all that, with a gospel-like chorus that is both entrancing and soulful.

If you’re looking for that little something to diversify your playlist, this is it. Royal Canoe has yet to disappoint. Be sure to check out their tour dates and get lost between here, and the orbit.

Royal Canoe
‘Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit’
Nevado Music
© September 16th, 2016



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