Words by Lauren Sorce

Have you desperately needed new music to add to your fall playlist, but don’t know where to start? The Lighthouse and The Whaler, an alternative indie group from Cleveland, has your solution.

On October 6th, the band released their newest EP, Paths. With a total of 5 tracks, this EP is possibly one of the group’s best yet. After being named “Best Indie Act” in their hometown back in 2010, in addition to catching high-profile praise from their previous album, Mont Royal, back in 2015, it’s hard to think The Lighthouse and The Whaler could top their own work.

The guys, Michael LoPresti, Matthew LoPresti, Mark Porostosky Jr., and Ryan Walker, have created an album that is not only refreshing, but is independently unique, in comparison to their prior work. In spirit, Paths is the embodiment of adventurous free expression. Hence, the title track, “Paths”, harnesses that incredible feeling, in addition to having a bit of a City and Colour sort of vibe to it. Both Paths and the track “Light Waves” deliver very catchy and carefree lyrics, while maintaining a folkish sound, comparable to that of the The Temper Trap.

In “Ascending”, the overall sound is a slow and airy build-up, until eventually it peaks with assistance of bold instrumentals and synth remixing. “Made Of Water”, to me, sounds very similar to the work of Two Door Cinema Club, so needless to say, this is one of the more playful songs on the EP. In a similar fashion, “We Can Make It” also contains spirited elements, including a brushed drumbeat and catchy, minimalist lyrics.

In totality, this EP has all the elements necessary to update your fall playlist. Be sure to check out this album and their tour dates. Trust me, and you’ll be on the right Path(s).

The Lighthouse and The Whaler
October 6, 2017



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