Words by Lauren Sorce

The good news is, The Pharmacy, an indie rock band from Seattle, is back again with a psychedelic album that is sure to captivate your attention within seconds of playing their first track. The bad news is, they recently decided to break up.

A collection of youthful members including, Scott Yoder (lead vocals, guitar) Brendhan Bowers (drums, backing vocals) and Stefan Rubicz (keyboard, backing vocals) all are contributing ingredients necessary in erecting what will be the final chapter of the band’s legacy. Spells seems to me, to be the optimal title given to this ten-tracked tour-de-force, due to the impeccable resemblance of a spell itself. From its mystical vibe, to its muted instrumentals, it is surely to put you in a trance-like state, craving more.

The album commences with ‘Dead Friend’, a playful tune with a touch a cathartic sadness. While it is on the slower side, this track is engaging due to it’s ballad-like story behind the title. Next, ‘Coat Tails’ opens with a spooky yet alluringly muted sound, just until the instrumentals kick in, and the pace becomes faster, pulsing and playfully sinister.

With Spells, The Pharmacy’s style wavers between where Nirvana meets the 60’s, as its vocals and vibe resemble that of the late Seattle rocker, while the album’s playful folk instruments invoke a more vintage feel.

‘Masten Lake’, another highlight, stays continually fast and bouncy through the entire song. While the shredding of the electric guitar is astounding and powerful, there is also the presence of a certain sweetness and docility of the other instruments in the background that make this track stand out.

‘Lizard Queen’ is appropriately named due to fact it sounds literally as though they are attempting to lure a reptile, as the drumming pulses through your veins, you become aware that there is a darker intention in place for the character’s capture. The vibe to this song is almost devious and scheming in its nature, as it sounds almost James Bond-like.

The entirety of the album is just a little sinister with a hint of “trippy” elements. Set for release on August 12th, Spells is sure to fuel your hunger for a unique summer playlist. While many are yet to discover The Pharmacy, it might just be worth your time to get sick and cure yourself with some great music.

The Pharmacy
Old Flame Records/Burger Records
© August 12th, 2014



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