Words by Lauren Sorce

Twenty-One Pilots dropped their newest album, Trench, and to say this album was an incredible listening experience, would be the understatement of the century. Tyler Joseph, and co-producer, Paul Meany released the album via Fueled by Ramen on October 5, and it’s been tearing up the charts ever since.

The entirety of the album runs about an hour long, and offers fourteen very unique tracks. To kick it all off, the first track, ‘Jumpsuit’, delivers an edgy rock vibe that differs greatly from their past work. Immediately, the album is off to a refreshing start, as this caliber of modern rock makes for a revitalized listening experience with Twenty-One Pilot’s music. In a quite drastic switch, the next track, ‘Levitate’, hits us hard with a sick backing track, overlaid with Joseph’s skillful rap game, that is not only lyrically strong, but also a playful listen. Speaking of playful listens, next we have my personal favorite, ‘Morph’, that most recognizably coincides with their past material, as it offers catchy verses over top intricate instrumentals.

Yet, the most popular, and most streamed song on the album, according to Spotify, is actually a track called ‘My Blood’. This song gives off some Empire of the Sun vibes, as the song is equal parts electro and indie. The subsequent tracks on the album, ‘Chlorine’, ‘Smithereens’, and ‘Neon Gravestones’, are considerably more chilled out in comparison to the remainder of the album, or compared to one of their later tracks, ‘Pet Cheetah’. This song returns the edge of ‘Jumpsuit’, but with the lyrical ferocity of ‘Levitate’.

Honestly, this album is in my opinion, one of Twenty-One Pilot’s best works, as each track offers a unique sound, which really showcases their versatile musical abilities. All in all, a great listen for anyone who feel as though they are in a musical trench, surrounded by too much of the same. Check out Trench, on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music, and also be sure to check out their updated tour dates. Happy Listening!

Twenty One Pilots
© October 5, 2018


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