Go Man Go is playing New York City this weekend, and well, you should go, man.

To celebrate the drop of their debut self-titled LP, they are performing and promoting it this Saturday at Tir Na Nog Irish Pub in Times Square.

“We wanted to make music that was fun. The only message is to enjoy life, do what you love to do, and everything will be alright,” lead guitarist Eric Schwartz says of his band’s rookie LP. The band has put almost all of their focus over the past 18 months into their first release, doing it independently and unsigned.

For the unfamiliar, Schwartz summarizes it as “…our favorite styles of music…rolled into something [that came out] unique.”

This band is one of those once-in-a-decade aural blends of all different genres of music, and when asked how he expects to feel on stage this weekend, drummer Nate Kratchman replied, “Truth be told, it’ll be a little sentimental, probably from everything we put into it. Just for the first release, I found that surprising.”

Watch the video for ‘Carry Me’ below, and stay tuned for more coverage of this band on the rise…


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