New Jersey’s own Screaming Females have announced the upcoming release of “Singles Too”, which compiles the band’s complete non-album recordings — gathering early 7” singles, digi-only b-sides, and one pretty great remix.

The tracklist also provides a roadmap of the band’s progress through 15+ years of music-making — tracking Screaming Females from their early days playing New Brunswick basement shows into life as a full-time band with a tour schedule rigorous enough that their van earned its own New York Times profile.

Out on October 18, CD and DL versions will also include six much-loved cover songs from the music of Neil Young, Taylor Swift, Sheryl Crow, and Patti Smith . LPs are a one-time pressing of 1500.

Pre-order here!

1. Arm Over Arm
2. Zoo Of Death
3. No Being Disgusting
4. Pretty Okay
5. I Do
6. Ancient Civilization
7. Let Me In
8. Skeleton
9. Hopeless (demo)
10. Take It Back
11. End Of My Bloodline (remix) | NJ