Veteran New York City rockers The Rousers have released ‘Kickin’, a five-song EP produced by Grammy-award-winning producer/engineer Bob Stander at his Parcheesi Studios in Huntington NY. This new project represents their first return to the studio since the release of 2012’s “Playing The Rock and Roll For You”. The record is notable for its mix of humor, edgy spite, and no-nonsense rocking, with one eye on the past and the other dolefully on the present.

‘Kickin’ is a modern record that embraces the flavor of the fantastic Rock ‘n’ Roll era the band grew up on. The Rousers first appeared on the NY scene in 1977, becoming standouts at venues such as Max’s Kansas City, CBGB, Trax, and Hurrah. The band’s fan following from the 70s have remained loyal, and the Rousers continue to pick up new fans year to year with their engaging live stage shows, sense of humor, and sharp suits.

The Aquarian listed The Rousers as one of the ‘Top 10 Acts To Catch Live’ last year. This is a band who’s first single was produced by Brother Wayne Kramer of the MC5, and at one point had Madonna as their opening act. In a Sunday feature, the New York Times said, “They rock incredibly hard, with an edge that seems to have only sharpened with time. Some say they are in their prime. Amazingly tight”.

Check out the video for the title track below…

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