Ever read a festival line-up and feel faint? Like someone went through all of your music and your record collection and asked every artist to perform in one place? For us, that’s Bestival 2016, and it’s happening next weekend the 8th-11th of September at Robin Hill Country Park in Isle of Wight. The line-up, as long as your texts to your best friend, and being a music fan trying to see everyone can be stressful.

Our writer Cher Dunn will be heading out to the event, and she’ll help you narrow things down a bit. Here are a few Bestival 2016 artists she absolutely won’t miss…

The Cure

Need I say more? The Cure are one of the best bands of all time and are still incredible live. Every song is a hit and a punch of nostalgia straight to the heart. Good luck not crying when you hear some of your favorite songs ever performed live, we won’t judge (we’ll be crying tears of joy with you).

Fatboy Slim

Let’s be real, Bestival is making it super easy for you to get your dance workout in by bringing some of the best DJs and Producers to Robin Hill Country Park and the absolute legend Fatboy Slim is just one of them. Not going to lie I screamed a little when I read his name on the lineup. You can’t miss Fatboy Slim and your chance to recreate Christopher Walken’s dance to “Weapon Of Choice” live.

Hot Chip

Have you had a lazy summer so far? Maybe you haven’t hit the gym quite as much as you wanted to? Don’t worry, in one set Hot Chip will give you a hardcore dance workout that will make up for a summer of exercise. Playing hits from their six studio albums including their most recent, breathtaking new record Why Make Sense? you won’t want to miss this opportunity to dance you heart out.

Glass Animals

Bring your peanut butter vibes to Bestival because Glass Animals will have you floating on a cloud, moving and grooving to new tracks off their recently released album How To Be a Human Being. Mix that with your favorite tracks from their debut Zaba and you guaranteed have yourself one of your favorite shows from the festival.

Jagwar Ma

Jagwar Ma, one of those few bands I can say I could follow on tour, watch the same set every night, and still be straight up thrilled at the end of the show. At Bestival, you’ll be the first to hear and dance to new tracks off their upcoming album Every Now & Then live. Jagwar Ma play their live shows like they’re DJing a packed nightclub so it will be impossible not to dance and lose yourself in their music.

Those are just a few of the incredible artists playing Bestival this year, check out the full line-up here. No matter who you see, you’ll be dancing to music of all genres from 11am-5am for four days straight.

If for whatever reason you want to stray away from the music, Bestival has a list of other fun events you can take part in, including the world’s biggest bouncy castle, yoga, hot tubs, reggaerobics and so much more you’ll want to be adding hours into those four days.

Bestival’s extensive list of food vendors will have all the nourishment you need to keep you dancing throughout the weekend. Day and Weekend passes are still available here, get them before they run out!


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