In celebration of and in tribute to our beloved late bandmate drummer Sal Capozucca, The Rousers are pleased and proud to announce the digital release of his previously unreleased studio recordings on May 13, 2021, the one year anniversary of his death. The albums are available for download on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and other streaming services.

These are three separate releases, one for each band they were recorded with:

Praise Jockeys – Look at my Face

The Mockingbirds – Broken Times

The Rousers – All the King’s Men

Sal is probably best known as the drummer of The Rousers, in both quartet and trio lineups. The Rousers tracks on All the King’s Men cover a variety of styles, from basic rock roll to rockabilly to country to blues and beyond. His finesse and sometimes frantic fills are shown to wonderful effect on the 13 tracks included.

The Praise Jockeys’ Look at My Face represents the hard rocking side of Sal, and his confident combustible style is on full display across the 14 tracks offered. These are tunes the Village Voice described as “one rugged survival song after another”, noting that “Praise Jockeys stand and deliver in the New York Dolls tradition.” Give it a listen, you’ll be glad you did!

The Mockingbirds album Broken Times finds the boys in a new “pop with pathos” mode , featuring prominent keyboards from Chris Pondish throughout, and marks the first pairing of Sal’s drumming with Bill Dickson on bass, a rhythm section that would endure off and on for the remainder of Sal’s career.

So, share if you care, and let the world know what a fine legacy this princely player and outstanding human left behind.

Check out the New York Times profile on Sal here…

Photo Credit: The Rousers by David Yannone | NYC