Meet Little Comets: Coming to a Festival Near You

Words by Cher Dunn
Photos by Ken Grand-Pierre

I write about and talk about a ton of bands, but whenever someone asks me what my favorite band is, Little Comets is always on that list. I try to tell everyone I know about them because when I hear that someone doesn’t know who they are yet, I feel like this:


Not at the fault of the person, I just believe that all ears should be introduced to this incredible band. Little Comets are a star of their own brand. They don’t sound like any other bands out their right now and their lyricism, harmonies, instrumentals and attention to all the details that surround their music (art, music videos, live shows) provide a next-level experience for fans.

I first met the band from Newcastle upon Tyne at SXSW in 2011 after months of begging them via Facebook and Twitter to come to America. I saw them in the street outside of Latitude 30, walked right up to lead singer Robert Coles and basically interviewed him right then and there, getting the scoop on their process, tour plans, and hopes for their new music. I met the rest of the band after their show at the same venue, and their bassist Matt Hall already knew my last name when I told him my first – from Facebook and Twitter. When I thought I was begging them to come to America, I thought I was begging their “people” or whoever runs social media for bands these days, but Little Comets are not one of those bands. They love keeping in touch with their fans and keeping their fans involved and in-the-know via blogs, posts, and pictures.

Since our first encounter, Little Comets have released new music and EPs, with heartbreaking and eye-opening lyricism, breathtaking layers of guitar, and vocal harmonies that will make your heart skip a beat. Currently touring the festival circuit, the band came back to the US to play Governors Ball in NYC and a few headline dates in NYC at Glasslands, and Philadelphia at North Star Bar.


Much like Bombay Bicycle Club won the hearts of new fans as they played various stops on the US summer festival circuit, my bets are on Little Comets this year. After playing Governors Ball two weeks ago, the group is coming back this week to light up the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE. Their live shows are definitely something to tell your friends about, and hell, bring them along too. You’ll see that their energy on stage and amongst each other, their instrumentals, solos, vocal harmony Olympics, and flawless transitions between songs should be studied. This band is mesmerizing live every time.


Like binge re-watching episodes of Arrested Development, every time you listen again to Little Comets’ releases In Search Of Elusive Little Comets and Life Is Elsewhere, you discover something new and exciting you may not have caught before. Their music never gets old – instead it grows to become more unique every time you drop that needle on the record player, or press play on iTunes.

If you haven’t heard them yet, get lost for hours in Little Comets’ gorgeous collection of music… much like you do with hours of new episodes of Orange Is The New Black.

Little Comets will be playing Firefly Music Festival on June 22nd in Dover, DE as well as Lainfest, X&Y Festival, Truck Festival, and Summer Sound Festival in the UK. | Listen Up