Rock N Roll Word Games with Dana (distortion) Yavin
Words by Audra Tracy

Rock n roll. It means so many things to so many people. It’s a blissful escape, a fist raised in rebellion, a million powerful moments that have shook our hearts, our souls, and our very bones.

Few New Yorkers have bottled those moments quite like Dana (distortion) Yavin, a wildly prolific rock photographer who’s shots have graced the pages of BrooklynVegan, Rolling Stone, and yes, even Waster Inc. This Friday marks the opening for Yavin’s photo show, where some of her incredible work will be on display at the Gibson Guitar Showroom in New York City.

In anticipation of the big night, Ms. Distortion and I played a word association game this week. I gave her a list of terms that embody the spirit of rock n roll – words like ‘freedom’, and ‘romance’, and ‘madness’. Dana took this list, dug into her massive portfolio of shots, and chose the first image that came to mind for each one.

So rather than rattle off the many reasons why you should RSVP to Yavin’s show opening, we’ll let her photos do the talking…




The Melvins


Snoop Dogg


New York Dolls


Sir Paul McCartney


Willie Nelson


Iggy Pop


Nick Cave


Gogol Bordello


Sonic Youth

See more of Dana’s work this Friday at Gibson Legends, which features a collection of live shots of today’s biggest rock icons and their Gibson axes.

Please join us for the opening reception:

Friday November 15th


With Special Guest DJ Jonathan Toubin of New York Night Train.

Beer Provided by SingleCut
Wine provided by City Winery

This is a private event. Please RSVP with name and number of guests to:
An email will be sent to confirm your name and number of guest spots.

Check out some of the shows Dana shot for us this year:

Tom Petty @ Beacon Theatre

Cyndi Lauper @ Beacon Theatre

The Black Crowes @ PNC Bank Arts Center | Distortion