Meet Welles. His music radiates a solid mix of grunge and Southern rock that we’ve really been digging lately.

The small town boy from Ozark, Arkansas moved to the big city of Nashville to record his debut album, Red Trees and White Trashes, which is set for release on June 15. His latest single, “Seventeen” is a slow burning ballad that shows Welles is definitely on his way to penning some legendary riffs of his own.

In the meantime, he shared with us some of his personal favorites. Ladies and gents, the most underrated guitar solos, according to Welles…

> Happiness is a Warm Gun – The Beatles
This is some of the first fuzz I’d ever heard. The bends are so ominous as Lennon’s talking about goin down for a fix…it’s a brilliant spooky line.

> Brown Eyed Women and Red Grenadine – The Grateful Dead
The guitar work in general on this tune is very passionate. I’m referring to whatever recording is most available, from the late 60s I think. Garcia has such a subtle way with his lead.

> Jury – Trapeze
I haven’t met a lot of folks who know Trapeze but the riffs are devastating. This tune is just a mountain of riffage.

> Mr. Big – Free (Live at Isle of White)
Paul Kossoff is such an important Les Paul player. He played with a huge heart, his solo on this tune is epic.

> Lemon Song – Led Zeppelin
Page snuck so many sweet ones in on this tune. Really the whole band did. It’s one of the best examples of Zeppelin playing straight British blues, no nonsense. Page’s licks are very mean.

> Down By The River – Neil Young
This is the best and maybe only 1 note solo I’ve heard, at least for a good portion of the beginning of the solo. Young is giving all of us the bird and diggin in deep.

> What Goes On – The Velvet Underground
I’ve always thought this one sounded like two wooly snakes fucking. The timbre is so far out, I felt it needed mentioned.

> In Bloom – Nirvana
The perfect blend of chaos and order from Cobain in this tune. Lots of his solos go off the rails, this one toes that line artfully.

> Wheels of Confusion – Black Sabbath
This tune comes on and I’m transported to a time I’ve never been in. The riffs are inspired and the tone is so chunky. Iommi turns rivers to wood and melts eyes into blood.

> Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix
Such a sweet melody component to this solo, you recognize it anywhere. That ought to be the goal of any solo.


Listen to “Seventeen” below, and stay tuned for more from Welles… | Red Trees and White Trashes