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2023 proved to be a busy year for Slash, marked by a Guns N’ Roses world tour, which sold 1.3 million tickets around the world, and the band’s release of new music that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Amidst the roaring success of touring the globe and the sonic resonance of Guns N’ Roses’ latest creations, Slash emerges from the whirlwind tour, ready to embark on a solo venture that promises to redefine his musical trajectory.

Now, with the stage set and the echoes of a dynamic year still reverberating, Slash prepares to step into the spotlight once again, teasing fans with the promise of a blues-centric solo album that is bound to be a testament to his enduring brilliance as a guitar virtuoso.

What we know about Slash’s upcoming album:

In July 2023, Slash revealed that he’d been hard at work on a new solo album over a decade after he debuted Slash. His previous solo endeavor featured several musician friends, including Ozzy Osbourne, Fergie, Myles Kennedy, Chris Cornell, Ian Astbury, Adam Levine, and Kid Rock. It was met with favorable reviews and quickly rose to number 3 on the US chart upon its release in April 2010.

Keeping his cards close to his chest, Slash has not revealed too many details about this sophomore album. Thus far, he’s only shared that the new LP will have a track featuring pop sensation Demi Lovato, whom he connected with in 2018, subsequently playing guitar for the rock version of her hit ‘Sorry Not Sorry’. Prior to the guitarist’s revelation, a photo of Slash and Axl circulated online, prompting some to speculate if the rock frontman would have a feature on the album. Slash also said that the bluesy album will be released sometime this year, again not mentioning specific details.

What fans can look forward to:

Given the rock ‘n’ roll icon’s prolific body of work and the anticipation surrounding his upcoming solo album focusing on the blues, fans can expect a masterful exploration of the genre infused with his signature guitar prowess. Drawing from his roots and influences, the album will likely showcase a rich tapestry of blues elements, ranging from traditional Delta blue to more contemporary blues-rock stylings. Slash’s distinctive guitar riffs are expected to take center stage, intertwining seamlessly with bluesy melodies.

Singer-songwriter Bacon James notes that guitar-driven songs play well with complementary instruments. Specifically, banjos or mandolins, the latter of which make common appearances in the blues genre, can add more texture to a number. As such, fans could potentially be treated to a brand-new sound from the rock god. Collaborations with renowned artists in the blues genre might add depth and diversity to the sound, creating a dynamic listening experience. After all, this allegedly star-studded album will not be Slash’s first foray into blues-aligned collaborations. Previously, the rockstar has worked with blues legends like B.B. King and Ray Charles. All in all, fans can anticipate a raw, authentic expression of Slash’s musical journey, translating the essence of blues into his signature rock style.

If 2023 was any indication, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee will not be hanging up his guitar any time soon. In fact, fans will probably see a new side of Slash, given the intriguing musical direction of the upcoming album, collaboration with Demi Lovato, and his surprising appearance in the Barbie soundtrack alongside Foo Fighters drummer Josh Freese. Regardless of what the new album will bring, the stage is set, and the anticipation is palpable.

Slash’s solo journey in 2024 awaits and is a testament to the timeless allure of his musical mastery.

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