Words by Dan Schaffel

Playing their first-ever gig in New York City hardly crossed the minds of 8MM on Friday, December 7th. Doing what they’ve been doing all these years – staying true to their sound – is what was. The back room of Piano’s, a crowd of primarily family and friends, got two 45 minute sets that introduced us to their new record, Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts.


Shimmering in her black diamond colored dress, Juliette Beavan drew all eyes to her when singing the phrase “Take a look at me now…” during the second song of the night. Alongside hubby Sean (known for his work with Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson), Juliette led their four- piece band through non-stop sounds and words, creating a motion picture of their own in our imaginations.

Guitar sliding effects alluded to lonely night trips down desolate roads to El Paso, eliciting possible past encounters with rattlesnakes. Alas into a crater we went as 8MM put themselves and the crowd ‘Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts’, the title track from their new album that dictates the current direction of their 2012 sound. Using distorted bass while hitting falsetto notes were some of the live strengths they played to, and 8MM failed to disappoint the virgin New Yorker eyes and ears.

Proving their desire for diversity and exploration of danceable rhythms within the hard rock realm of their music, they then showcased their contribution to the soundtrack of one of Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld movies. Here 8MM’s sound began to turn, and their style seemed to give off a Joy Division-inspired vibe. While the bassist played keys and added a synth effect to his 4-stringed guitar in the latter half of the set, Juliette tambourine’d her heart out to her drummer’s beat till her hands were likely sore.

Closing out with ‘The One’ – easily the most rage-tastic, energizing song of the evening – left the LA based band with a key to the city (not literally, but would have been honored with one by Mayor Bloomberg should he have attended). New York welcomes them back any time, with hopes they play bigger venues and further crank their adrenaline-pumping noise up to 11 on those amplifiers.


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