Words & Photos by Marco Denzer

Melbourne based Amyl and The Sniffers, the high-octane quartet consisting of band members Bryce Wilson (drums), Gus Romer (bass) Dec Martens (guitar), and Amy Taylor – the non-stop bundle of energy vocalist that fronts the group – played to a packed house at Terminal 5. 

The show began promptly at 8:00 PM with a solid one-two punch from the London based punk/rap duo Bob Vylan followed by Philadelphia’s own hard-hitting punk band Mannequin Pussy. Although distinctly different in style and format, both bands played their respective sets and engaged very well with the audience. Their performances were a great starter for the main event of the night. 

Following the two supporting artists, Amyl and The Sniffers hit the stage at 10:00 PM and the crowd went absolutely bonkers with excitement. As band members made last-minute adjustments to their instruments, Amy paced centerstage instigating and motivating the fans like a boxer before a title fight. The show was on!

The Aussies blasted off with “Control”, the fast-paced rocking tune from their 2019 self-titled album, and immediately cranked the euphoria in the room to max.  By the time they began jamming on the second song of the set “Freaks to the Front”, a scantily dressed Amy quickly jumped off stage to get face to face with the fans and they absolutely loved the spontaneous move and chance to sing along with her. A very mindful and professional security staff encircled the singer and kept everyone safe as they had a heavy dose of chaotic fun. 

After climbing back on stage, the energetic vocalist and her bandmates continued with their set at full speed without skipping a beat. They played songs like “Monsoon Rock”, “Maggot”, “Security” and “Hertz” to name just a few. Bryce and Gus held the repertoire’s driving rhythm at a fast and steady pace as Dec blasted heavy power chords and shredded grungy guitar licks loaded with harmonic overtones and distortion on his Gibson Explorer. Amy’s relentless thrashing, head-banging, dancing, and jumping around on stage as she poured her heart and soul out singing and instigating the audience was the proverbial icing on the cake. 

There was an intrinsically pure unrehearsed honesty and humor about their show that was undeniable, it felt extremely personal and connected on a very direct level with the audience. There was no bullshit about their stop in NY, they rolled into town to play for their fans, to deliver a bunch of raucous tunes and have loads of fun with those in attendance. Nothing less than that would do. Amyl and The Sniffers achieved exactly that and much more… they left a deep indelible mark with their performance, and everyone’s waiting for their prompt return.   



Freaks to the Front

Gacked on Anger

Monsoon Rock


Shake Ya




Guided by Angels



Don’t Need a Cunt (Like You to Love Me)

Got You


Balaclava Lover Boogie

Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)


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