Words by Dan Schaffel | Photos by Mark Dershowitz

Tuesday night the Brooklyn Bowl had yet another keg of Soulive on tap, a night full of bubbly cover songs and a very hoppy guest appearance.

Teeing off with an eccentric, uptempo progressive jam to kick start the set, the trio rode a high-noted horse all the way through the premiere’s end. The inclusion of horns that followed brought every musician on stage performing to their maximum potential, sounding like the SNL house band on a runaway train playing for their lives.

“Are y’all ready for some real soul music?!” drummer Alan Evans cried out as he shook his Sideshow Bob haircut. To the crowd’s delight, they brought on Booker T. Jones and got settled right in with one of his greats, ‘Hip Hug-Her.’

Jones and his organ’s prominence throughout the set was embraced by all. Why? There were covers hitting all different genres and decades, and to not name what they were would be sin. They blended together “Sugar Pie Hunny Bun,” “Something” by the Beatles, Lauryn Hill’s “Everything is Everything”, “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, and greatest of all, the very treasure of Booker T.’s career with the MG’s, “Green Onions.”

Soulive sweat up their 3 piece suits like it was goin’ out of style. The audience was graced with talented, timeless renditions by a legend and his predecessors, while bringing genuine freshness to all the peaks and valleys of the evenings improv jams. The night’s bluesy encore left everyone singing and feeling like it was ‘2:00 in the mornin’ and I ain’t got no place to go’, and this time next year, all will be back for Bowlive 2014.

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