Words by Dan Petito | Photos by Jeremy Gordon

Asbury Park, NJ — While near-record winds swept through the state of New Jersey Saturday, so did Marc Brownstein and Aron Magners’ electronic side-project “Conspirator.” The band is approaching the last leg of what’s conclusively their biggest tour yet and their performance at The Stone Pony indicates nothing shy of full speed ahead.

The near six year old side-project has come a long way since 2005. Besides a good chunk of original songs produced in collaboration with DJ Omen the band has recently dug into The Disco Biscuits catalogue – performing songs that fit nicely into the overall Conspirator sound. Songs like “Portal To An Empty Head,” “Mirrors,” “Tamarin Alley,” and “Park Avenue” have been finding their way into Conspirator set lists along with others this tour and, as tapes begin to circulate, will no doubt generate a lot of positive response among the community.


An absent Darren Shearer, who filled the role after the hospitalization of Allen Aucoin back in December, left the guest drummer’s seat open for Pretty Lights and Break Science’s Adam Deitch. Deitch has proven to be a dependable friend and lifeline to the Biscuits over the past few months and has exceeded expectations with every passing performance. Joining Deitch in the guest role was Chris Michetti of RAQ, who has lent similar aid and creativity while adding a really promising flavor to the bands’ sound.

Conspirator originals “Commercial Amen” and ”Boomshanker” popped up during their 90 or so minute set with Biscuits original “Neckromancer” undisputedly highlighting the night; confidently presumed by the only thing seen standing still during it’s play being a nearby unoccupied bar stool. The song was jammed out to perfection and it’s catchy, Chromeo-esque composed sections were a foolproof way to get the crowd moving.

It’s commendable the level of commitment Magner and Browsntein are investing in the project considering the infrequent downtime they have between being in the studio and on the road with The Disco Biscuits. The support they’ve been getting in the guest guitarist and drummer roles has allowed them both (especially Magner) the freedoms of adding additional layers to songs and jams without having to worry about playing or looping hooks or beats; support which also allows them to dig considerably into the “Bisco” repertoire and diversify their set lists.

As long, and tiring, as tours can be, the band showed no sign of letting up in Asbury Park. Besides the Conspirator originals it was good to hear some newer Biscuits songs in the rotation, especially selections that compliment Adam Deitch’s drumming style like “Caves of the East.” Seeing the crowd erupt during “Neckromancer” was a “Konkrete” sign that positive response is soon to follow upon this winter tour’s conclusion.


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