Words by Corinne Casella

Opening to a packed audience, Damn Tall Buildings, took to the stage on Thursday, October 20th at Rockwood Music Hall, in support of their new album, Sleeping Dogs. Celebrating the release, the band, featuring Max Capistran (guitar and banjo), bassist Sasha Dubyk, and fiddler Avery Ballotta, entertained the crowd with an enthusiastic mix of bluegrass, roots rock and old-time swing. 

The group’s three-part harmony created a rhythm all its own, and their energetic musical prowess, created a boisterous and engaging evening mixed with new songs, old favorites, and well-executed covers. Breaking a string on the first song, Capistran, set the stage for a dynamic performance that lasted through the show. 

Highlights included, a rousing rendition of Hank Williams, Jr.’s ‘Family Tradition,’ an audience lead sing-along of new song ‘Sweet Girl,’ and a heart-warming performance of ‘Location,’ off their 2019 release Don’t Look Down. The band ended the night with a request to “keep the energy going,” and a plea for the community that only live music can create. 

“Our innate desire is to connect with people on a level that’s beyond day-to-day interaction. Our hope is that the joy that making this music brings us will somehow get passed along to the people listening, which they can then take with them to pass along to someone else. It’s a shared celebration of positive energy, and that’s what keeps us cooking.”

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Photo Credit: Joe Angelini

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