Words by Amy Giubilo
Photo of Desaparecidos by Zach Hollowell

The Desaparecidos are no longer “The Disappeared” with the debut of their two latest tracks and recent tour. Their comeback show in Asbury Park on February 15th was more than memorable – it was bucket-list worthy.

Eleven years have passed since Conor Oberst & Co. released Read Music, Speak Spanish, and the large crowd gathered at The Stone Pony welcomed their triumphant return with waving arms and stomping feet. It was something that everybody had been waiting for, and no lyric went unsung throughout their set.

While with Bright Eyes and The Mystic Valley Band we tend to see a softer and more emotional side of Oberst, there is a different passion when he plays with Desaparecidos. His stature and attitude are transformed, completely showcasing his diversity as an artist.

Desaparecidos promote knowledge – knowledge about the government, about Bradley Manning (look it up), equality, and about the daily struggle most of us go through. Like many punk acts, they want their fans to be informed about the world, and that night at The Stone Pony, fans embraced the movement and joined together.

Desaparecidos have two new singles, ‘Anonymous’ and ‘The Left is Right’, each of which remind us why we loved this band back in the early 2000s. ‘Anonymous’ refers to the computer hacking group with a chilling statement right from the beginning “Cause freedom is not free/Neither is apathy.” The chanting chorus follows, “You can’t stop us/We are Anonymous.”

‘The Left is Right’ gives a shout out to the Occupy Movement and the 99 percent. This powerful song starts with major chords, and once Oberst’s voice is heard, so is his message. “Now we’re taking it back/for the greater good/Goddamn Robin Hoods.” If these two songs foreshadow what’s next for Desaparecidos, fans will be ecstatic.

As Desaparecidos finished their last sip of beer and performed the last song, people felt a sense of comfort. Together we make up the 99 percent and we will spread – we will cover the earth.


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