Words & Photos by Marco Denzer

Alter Bridge is currently on tour through Europe in support of their most recent release, Walk the Sky, but prior to heading across the pond they performed in NYC where the bands Dirty Honey and Skillet played rock solid opening sets for them.

The first of a one-two punch opening set was Dirty Honey, and they were absolutely fantastic. This quartet couples excellent chops extremely well with a heavy blues/rock influence that makes them very easy to like. The good vibes and chemistry between band members on stage is obvious, and translates into an extremely entertaining performance. The only drawback is that their show felt relatively brief, but they more than made up for it by treating the audience to a great set of tunes with distinguishable tinges of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and young Guns N Roses – yet clearly original and well written. Dirty Honey means business, and they have the sound and talent to back it up, so stay tuned for more from them.

Skillet delivered the second hit of the night, and it was pure power and energy. And clearly a lot of people in the crowd were huge fans of the band, because they were singing and fist pumping their hearts out during the set. Skillet held nothing back as they worked through their performance – they detonated flash pots, smoke columns and other adrenaline pumping pyrotechnic-style effects as part of the show. At one point they even had mechanical lifts elevate the guitarists high above the stage, very similar to what KISS does during their concerts. It was absolutely great, tons of fun and the fans loved it.

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