Words by Audra Tracy | Photos by Joe Papeo

On the sidewalk outside of the Manhattan Center, it was just a typical Tuesday night in New York City. But as for the vibe just a few steps inside the Hammerstein Ballroom, you could have sworn it was New Year’s Eve. Or that there was a free open bar. Or it was at least a holiday weekend.

You see, since hometown heroes The Strokes didn’t tour for their latest album, New Yorkers were in desperate need of a rock show with real, time-tested street cred. You know, the kind of rock that’s catchy enough to please the mainstream, but also edgy enough to appeal to all the sinners out there. The kind of show where you leave its clutches a dripping, bewildered mess.

Tonight, ticket-holders were hungry for a hot and sweaty dance-a-thon. And Franz Ferdinand was happy to host.

The crowd piled in during sets from opening acts Casual Sex and Frankie Rose, and by 9:15 you could tell that this gig was very, very, very sold-out. By the time Franz Ferdinand took the spotlight, Hammerstein Ballroom was busting at its very seams.

The Scots came armed with their new album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, opening their set with a thunderous ‘Bullet’. Throughout the show, fans got more familiar with new material like ‘Evil Eye’ and ‘Goodbye Lovers & Friends’, but it was when the band dove headfirst into their catalog that the audience really went ape shit.

“Lively tonight!”, lead singer Alex Kapranos addressed his eager attendees in between fan favorites like ‘Can’t Stop Feeling’, ‘This Fire’, and of course, the ever-popular ‘Take Me Out’. “You make me feel lively, too”, he added, leading his pack into a full-on frenzy.

Yes, Franz Ferdinand gave the people exactly what they wanted. So maybe the rockers should get their own holiday weekend…



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