Words by Dan Schaffel

From how it felt, Manhattan was the world Wednesday night at Le Bain, and Haerts was on top of it. Performing songs off of their upcoming debut on Neon Gold Records/Columbia Records, this band had the crowd bumpin ‘n groovin a dozen & a half stories above ground.

After starting off with an uptempo, progressive jam containing a subtle tambourine outro, front-woman Nini Fabi demonstrated how she is poised and in complete control of her vocal talents on stage. Her voice threads together the emotionally moving ability of Jewel, Gwen Stefani’s ‘hush-hush’ sensuality, while lyrically carrying swagger alike that of Fiona Apple.

The band rocked their current single ‘Wings’ in the latter half of the set, playing it as it’s heard on the recording to a tee. Without a doubt this track is a staple in Haerts’ repertoire, blending 80’s influenced delayed guitar licks and synths with indie rock rhythms. More of this can be expected and will be welcomed.

Although only formed in Brooklyn in October 2012, Haerts have their plate full this year. Hitting the road with the likes of The Shout Out Louds and Atlas Genius, this quintet is spreading their music high & low over the next few months and then after. Makes sense. They’re legit.


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