Words and Photos by Marco Denzer

After a decade long hiatus, Longwave returned to New York City and played an excellent headlining show at The Bowery Ballroom. Led by Steve Schiltz on vocals and guitar, the band, which also includes Shannon Ferguson on guitar, Jason Molina on drums, and Christian Bongers on bass performed an extremely dynamic and heartfelt set. The venue was full of long time fans that were clearly happy about their return, and they demonstrated their joy by singing along with the band at every possible opportunity.

Their absence does not mean Longwave was sitting idle all this time, and as a matter of fact they recently released “Stay With Me” the first single with its respective video in nine years. They also played some additional new songs as part of their setlist that night, “these songs are finished… but they’re untitled” explained Steve as he introduced them to the audience, and obviously everyone in the crowd was elated.

In addition to the new material they’ve written and as further evidence that they’re active and keeping in top form, Longwave has recently toured in support of Blue October. It’s easy then, based on the positive vibes, level of energy and high quality of their performance, to estimate that the band is working towards a full album release and perhaps a tour to promote that material, but whether that will happen or not is anybody’s guess. The only way to find out is to stay tuned to Longwave on their social media profiles…

Day Sleeper
No Direction
Wake Me When It’s Over
The Devil And The Liar
Everywhere You Turn
Life Is Wrong
Sirens In The Deep
Men at Work
Shining Hours
Tidal Wave
Stay With Me

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