Words by Martin Halo | Photos by Joe Papeo

Dubbed “The Most Dangerous Band on the Planet,” Megadeth unleashed the fury on the quiet streets of Montclair with the rumble from the deepest bowels of hell. Megadeth, the legendary metal band from the brain of ex-Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine, showcased tracks off their 14th full-length, Super Collider.

If your boyfriend ditched you to hang out with the guys, don’t be alarmed; he is not cheating on you. Instead, his fist is poised for the rafters, screaming his lungs out to the incendiary speed licks of Megadeth.

The band, who has been through 30 years of drug addiction, certain death and the full-blown music industry ringer, held nothing back. With video monitors behind them, display sniper crosshairs, flames, crawling creatures and the devil, Megadeth tore through deep cuts. “In My Darkest Hour,” “Sweating Bullets,” and “Tornado of Souls” fueled crowd surfers overspilling into the pit as smoke billowed off the stage.

The set was fast, unapologetic, and hardcore to the bone. Fear Factory and Nonpoint opened the show. The calendar for the Wellmont Theater will feature Lupe Fiasco coming up on Dec 7, Slightly Stoopid on Dec 27, Cheap Trick on Feb 15, and just announced Bob Weir & Ratdog on Feb 20.

In more Megadeth news, bassist David Ellefson released a retrospective book, “My Life with Deth: Discovering Meaning in a Life of Rock & Roll,” at the end of October.

Prince of Darkness
Hangar 18
Wake Up Dead
In My Darkest Hour
Tornado of Souls
Sweating Bullets
Set the World Afire
A Tout Le Monde
Symphony of Destruction
Peace Sells

Holy Wars… The Punishment Due
Silent Scorn



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