Words by Steve Melone | Photos by Joe Papeo

Most people discover a fun and exciting band by word of mouth or going to a show; having no clue who that band is, but loving every second of it. Surprisingly enough, I had never heard of Neon Trees or knowingly heard a song of their’s (which I would come to realize was wrong by the show’s end).

Pop bands usually aren’t my thing whatsoever, but Neon Trees put on a great energetic show that was anything but boring. Irving Plaza was tightly packed – people crowded the entrances, yelling lyrics and cheering the band on from the jump.

Frontman Tyler Glenn’s energetic nature got the crowd excited as he spoke in between almost every song. At one point early on he asked the crowd, “Are you guys gonna dance with me? Don’t just look at me!”. There was a certain comfort and intimacy that could be felt from the band, but specifically Glenn, himself who came out last year and finally put out an album, Pop Psychology, addressing the truth that he had hidden for so long.

The opener, “Songs I Can’t Listen To,” is the newest release from the group that got the show started. Glenn addressed the crowd soon after. “You guys strolled out to see a show. It’s not the biggest club to play but we’re doing this show for you. I have the biggest desire to sing and dance for you guys!” The band’s hit, “1983,” began and crowd chimed in every moment they could.

Neon Trees didn’t act as though they were at some small show, they performed at their highest level — energy, talent, charisma, all the same regardless of how many people were there. Which was likely above the limit— Irving Plaza was sold out.

Other highlights from the set included popular tracks, “In the Next Room,” “Mad Love,” and “Animal.” After finishing “Love In the 21st Century,” Glenn spoke to the crowd, “I got to tell you what happened in our last song.” The audience went rather silent, wondering what it could be. Then he explained, “The seam of my pants ripped. But the show must go on!”

They went on to cover Amy Winehouse’s “Love Is a Losing Game,” and played other hits, “Sleeping With a Friend,” and “Everybody Talks” to close the set. Here is usually where the band would leave the stage soon to return, but Glenn went on telling everyone, “We usually do this encore thing, but you guys have cheered enough!” Neon Trees closed the show with a cover of the Dexys Midnight Runnners’ “Come On Eileen.” Everyone in the entire venue joined in as loudly as they could before calling it a night.

The Neon Trees tour has wrapped, but check out their newest song/video:


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