Words & Photos by Marco Denzer

Oh Sees wrapped a three-concert blast in New York City with a phenomenal performance at The Bowery Ballroom. After two consecutive nights of playing at Warsaw in Brooklyn, the California based quartet featuring John Dwyer (guitar, vocals, keyboard), Timothy Hellman (bass), and drummers Dan Rincon and Paul Quattrone brought their euphoria-inducing show to the Lower East side … and they didn’t disappoint.

With a no frills arrangement that places their two drummers up front and center, and the bass and guitar on either side of the stage, Oh Sees started their set at 9:00 PM and immediately shifted into cruising speed without missing a step. They were there to jam for their audience and have fun; there was no time wasted on fancy introductions or small talk. Picking up on the straightforward vibe and general mood of the band, many in the full house crowd started dancing, moshing and crowd surfing to the music right away. The party was on!

Their set lasted nearly two hours and included many songs selected from their most recent album Orc, released in August of this year, and other works. “The Static God”, “Animated Violence”, “Plastic Plant”, “Gelatinous Cube”, and “Sticky Hulks” were just a few of the many tunes included in the night’s repertoire.

The steadfast consistency of Rincon and Quattrone playing in synchrony and sometimes complementary to each other on their kits is truly captivating; it’s something to behold. This coupled with Hellman’s solid work on bass and the unbridled energy of Dwyer, twisting and bending his clear acrylic guitar, tweaking and manipulating sound with a vast array of control boxes like a mad scientist, and occasionally swallowing the microphone as he sings defines the qualities of an awesome live performance.

Oh Sees will continue to tour through September.


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