Words by Nick Hodgins

The crowd may have been calm at the Wellmont Theater early last night, but the three brothers in Radkey were anything but.

The show started off full force as the trio launched into “Out Here in My Head,” a Misfit’s-esque track that would soon have heads banging and feet tapping throughout the audience. As the crowd gradually began to awake from their slumber, the Missouri boys on stage continued to raise the bar for themselves.

Screaming from behind his dreads, guitarist Dee ripped into the chords of “Le Song” as Solomon pounded away on the kit and Isaiah held down a super fuzzy bass line. For only three instruments, these guys packed a punch.

“This next song is new,” announced Isaiah as he regained his breath and swigged from a Poland Spring bottle, “but none of you fucking know who we are so I guess it doesn’t matter!” Whether that statement held true or not, anyone fortunate enough to catch their set who didn’t know them prior to last night would definitely leave knowing Radkey can rock the house.

You could tell these cats were giving it 110% up there on every chord, note and solo. With a contagious energy and big sound, the brothers made sure to cover every inch of that stage, as well as every inch of their fretboards. Be sure to keep an eye out for Radkey, with the amount of energy they brought as the openers last night, I can only imagine what they’ll do with the crowd on their side.


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