Words by Audra Tracy | Photos by Nick Karp

Just after 10pm on a warm Wednesday night, Alejandro Rose-Garcia stepped out of the darkness and took his place under the spotlight at Terminal 5, the stage all to himself. With a guitar in his hands, a homemade kick-drum suitcase at his feet, and a Texas flag draped over a monitor, the alt-country star known as Shakey Graves strummed his way through his opening number, “Bully’s Lament”.

Over the next few moments, so much soul poured from the speakers that his songs seemed to cast a spell over the room; a normally rowdy New York audience appeared hushed and blushed by his mere presence.

After a few more solo songs (including the rumbling “Roll the Bones”), his backing band joined him, and the pace quickly picked up from there. The boys showed the Empire State just how they do it in Austin, bounding about the stage in a ball of fiery energy. Songs from 2014’s And the War Came filled the set, from the heavy vibe of “The Perfect Parts” to the foot-stomping sing-along and fan favorite, “Dearly Departed”.

Yes, Shakey Graves proved he’s so much more than just a pretty face during his stunning performance on November 11th. Sure, he’s easy on the eyes, but that’s not what got fans in the door tonight. This double-threat was blessed with both dashing good looks and the gift of a voice so core-shaking, so jaw-dropping, that it stopped a crowd of jaded New Yorkers in their tracks.


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